I was very proud to be a volunteer barracks representative for the Army, Naval Service, Air Corps (ANSAC) Credit Union which was formed by PDFORRA in the early 1990s to promote thrift, by encouraging members to save together and when necessary, to provide money for worthwhile purposes to our members.

Today ANSAC, has over 6,200 members, who share the common bond of ANSAC whicj is membership of PDFORRA, and it is also open to PDFORRA family members, and veterans as well.

Mission Statement:
“We, in ANSAC Credit Union Limited, believe it is our duty to provide for our members, in the most efficient way possible, the services they need to improve their social and economic well-being. In addition, to practice the values of equality, equity and mutual self-help by providing a source of credit for each other and a means of practising thrift.”

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