The words were sent out of the window and into the world,
Spiralling nouns danced on the breeze and prose rose on light airs,
Gusting gales could not the verbs shake loose from bonds of rhyme,
The poets thoughts set loose upon the wind and free.

Far away they flew, soaring through the sky despite their worthy weight,
Poems full of time telling of many stories and of many lives.
Of days stood in sand with rifle in hand,
Of life observed through younger eyes in days gone by.

That window through which the words rushed was lit bright,
A beacon as the gathering dark draws in and the winds rise,
That window and those wonderful words will be a light driving back the dark,
Words tell their stories arc, from cradle to grave, the writers epitaph they mark.

The words travel swift and fast through glass fibre electronic blast,
But they often slow and sink, hold fast, on paper smooth and minds rough,
To hold against the buffeting these words must be tough,
The words have finally come to rest, in this here book upon my resting chest.


I am delighted to say that it was also one of the first poems which was kindly selected for publication by Elizabeth McKenzie, Editor of Tintéan.
Tintéan is the online magazine of the Australian Irish Heritage Network based in Melbourne, Victoria.
You may find them here to read at:  https://tintean.org.au/2017/06/06/poetry-14/

This poem was written with two of the authors friends in mind.
The poet Stan Notte from Cork who has a superhero alter ego Leyton Attens and the powerful Michael J Whelan from Dublin a historian, writer and poet.

Both these men have served their country in the Defence Forces. One is now retired and one continues to do so. Both have been inspirational to the author; their creative talents will hopefully bring them every success and happiness in life

You can read Michael’s fantastic work here:

You can find Stan Notte here:

You can find Leyton Attens here:

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