I currently have the ideas for a number of works of fiction underway.

I shall share extracts from these projects here as they progress.

IF they progress.

Some are just thoughts and some are collections of several thousand words with plots, arcs, twists, shocks and characters.

There are three definite streams of fiction stories which are forming the more I write.

Adventure stories, those based in the real world with military, criminal and political strands. Which is unsurprising given my background.

and Sci-Fi stories, I have yet to write more than a chapter or two or short story of this genre but the grand scale and endless possibilities give you a distinct premonition that if you headed off down these paths that many hundreds of thousands of words would be the inevitable result.

High Fantasy is the last stream, given my insatiable appetite for all High Fantasy and Sword & Sorcery since I was a child it is equally unsurprising.  JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, Raymond E. Feist and Terry Brooks have a lot to answer for and it nearly goes without saying that Terry Pratchett and GRR Martin are also ever present.

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