Cobh Reader & Writers

Cobh Readers and Writers began life in 2014.

A group of like-minded people came together and decided that there was an empty space on the local creative calendar and that it ought to be filled with a festival that would celebrate the wonderful writers, artists, performers, and musicians that Cobh and indeed Ireland has.

They began to make a plan and like all great ideas this one took off like a rocket! And….it had to expand a little as well to encompass all the wonderful creative arts we are so famous for here in Ireland and we are so lucky to have so many talented people across a multitude of disciplines here in Cobh.

The name of the Group has stuck and the event may change its dates from year to year, it may even be called something else in the future; but it’s the spirit that is important to these passionate people, who look forward to delivering a festival and events programme each year, worthy of the beautiful town they call home, and the vibrant community they reside in.

So Cobh Readers and Writers hope that you come and join us in April to celebrate all the creative arts on our Great Island.

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