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In June of 2018 I was delighted to be able to welcome Mr. Brian Hartigan and his wife Rosie on a visit to the Naval Base, Haulbowline and gave them the delux tour of both the histoci island and my ship at the time LÉ Samuel Beckett as we prepared for departure to the Mediraterrian... Continue Reading →

European Naval Operations in the Mediterranean

From Pontus to Sophia.
Currently, in the Central Southern Mediterranean LÉ Samuel Beckett is on patrol, with fifty-six Irish service personnel embarked. She is the physical embodiment of Ireland’s commitment to a Europe Union (EU) mission which is determined to break apart the callous criminal enterprises which have extracted huge profits from the misery and death of thousands of innocents.With both an EU and United Nations (UN) mandate, the roles begin played by the Irish Navy in EUNAVFOR Med ‘Operation Sophia’, are very different from those which were undertaken by the other Irish vessels who have deployed since 2015, when LÉ Eithne first went south to answer the call from our Italian partners as part of the EU response to what has been interchangeable referred to as, the ’Mediterranean’, ’migration’ or ’refugee crisis’.

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