The author and poet Ruairí de Barra hails from the wilds of Tawneyshane, Co. Mayo and now resides in Cobh, Co. Cork.

A dedicated sailor with over two decades of service with an tSeirbhís Chabhlaigh & Óglaigh na hÉireann, he holds a Bachelor of Arts in Leadership, Management and Naval Studies from CIT, and a Masters of Commerce in Government and Public Policy from UCC.

He is currently a Senior Chief Petty Officer Engine Room Artificer with the Irish Naval Service. As a senior non-commissioned officer, craftsman and marine engineer he has long service both at sea and ashore. He has travelled extensively with the Defence Forces; including service in the southern Mediterranian on the humanitarian rescue mission ‘Operation Pontus’ in 2015 and on the European Naval Forces mission ‘Operation Sophia’ in 2018.

He is an accredited Irish Defence Forces military journalist, and has had articles on many maritime, military, historical and international subjects published.

He is a regular contributor to ‘An Cosantóir’, the Irish Defence Forces magazine and he is the inaugural winner of the An Cosantóir, ‘Gen MJ Costello Award’ for 2017.

His work has also been published in other Defence, Military and Emergency Services publications such as ‘Emergency Services Ireland’ magazine and ‘Contact’ the Australian military magazine.

He has been twice nominated for the European Military Press Association awards, in 2017 of his article ‘Shipshape and Ready for Action’ and in 2018 for his article “Rebuilding Somalia – The Sea is their future’.

His poetry work has been published nationally and internationally.

His work has appeared in publications such as A New Ulster, Tinteán, Live Encounters, The Bangor Literary Journal, The Rantology Anthology, Black Bough Poetry, The Boston Globe, and Boston Accent.

“A friend told ne once that there was a saying about paper never refused ink! I thought that it was a nice sum up of the need to write, even if most of what will be written wouldn’t be read by many.

“I am a Mayoman lost in Cork and have not been able to find my way out for over twenty years. I love to write and a friend gave me the best advice ever a number of years ago, he said ‘never throw away another word’ I have written, ‘before you at least re-write it’.”

“So I took this first step a few years ago to publish just a little on this WordPress page and it started from there. I am eager to learn more, think more, write more, re-write even more and throw away far less.”

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