The Storm Series

Still Under Construction!

Work is continuing on two books as part of what is now a series of at least five.

I was about 15,000 words (useable words not just the mad scribbles) into the first one, when a blast of inspiration came along and changed the trajectory of the first by planting a seed for the second. An evening later and 4,000 words dropped out for book two.

When writing, I feel this not sure about anyone else, the bolt of inspiration can strike you like an unseen bus.

The idea slams into you and floods the mind.

I find the story can paint itself so vividly and so rapidly that you have to go and scribble it down. Even it is just a single scene that has revealed itself. I have often said that a friend of mine told me never to throw away another word I had written until I at least re-wrote it. So re-write and re-write I did!

I was at a point with a bit chunk of book one written, that key details in the opening premise became clear that they were not correct. They just didn’t fit right. I have found away around the impasse, however it took the creation of a rough trajectory of the entire series for it to work.

Scrivener is the tool I am using and I find its binder system to be something exceptional. It really does allow one to take an overview of the whole story, you can write in the chunks that flood in and you can store the research very handily. The split screen feature is brilliant. Where you need to re-read a section which in influencing the part you are currently writing, then it is just there at right where you need it. No printing reams of paper drafts.

Scrivener, caring for the environment and your mental health!

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