The Storm Series

Draft III nearly finished!

Work is continuing on two books as part of what is now a series of at least seven.

Book One, Draft III is nearly finished. I had to pause my plan and scrap my end of July deadline. A fairly massive work project & a couple of slightly smaller ones absorbed every ounce of spare time I had, but they are put to bed now.

However, this project is unstoppable now. The next stage once Draft III is complete, will be to seek Alpha readers. After this third draft & an Alpha reader, I think I’ll be confident enough to hire an editor.

I strongly suspect more revision before a final draft.

Book Two, Draft I is running along side all the time. It feels like it has the potential to be a cracking tale, so while it’s an immense amount of work, it is extremely enjoyable to be able to get it going.

How this got started.

It’s really amazing to me how I got here.I was about 15,000 words (useable words not just the mad scribbles) into the Book One, when a blast of inspiration came along and changed the trajectory of the first by planting a seed for the second.

This blast of inspiration was detonated by a conversation with a author friend of mine in 2018. She said that her publisher had wanted to see the next two books in her series.

I had given some limited thought to the series, however in my naivety, I hadn’t even thought that I could possibly be asked to come along with a second manuscript, in my hand and ready to rock and roll, rather than relaxing and basking in the imagined glory of the acceptance of the magnificent first submission.

This realisation spurred me into action, with my thinking hat firmly on, I got to work on outlines; and I couldn’t believe what came out onto the pages.

An evening past rapidly, and about 4,000 words had dropped out for Book Two. Since then the barest of bare bones outlines of at least five other books have been created from scribbled notes, rough mind maps and typed fragments.These outlines have had some fleshing out in the intervening period, but the core thread seems to have held up.

The flow from book to book is good. Still getting adjustment, lots of it, but the skeleton which was so hastily constructed has remained surprisingly strong.That’s correct, thats not a typo above, there are seven books at least in this series so far, and at least another four or five more than possible in a spin off series.

That’s the bones of twelve novels.

At my current pace of writing, for just the main seven book series, with the extremely limited time I have, I guestimate, oh…about a lifetime? Well maybe slightly less, about 8 to 9 years of part time writing.

The raw math would say a minimum of 630,000 words, over 7 novels. That is actually just 345 words a day for five years. However, let’s not deal in fictions here, while writing fiction.There is enough material there, while being confined to writing part time, to keep one busy for a decade and a half, or so.

So that’s the story so far, I hope that you’ll join me along the road as the Storm Series comes to life. See y’all in 2035!

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