Poetry is an odd past time, the work can be as quick as lightning striking into your mind or as slow as a glacier trundling its way down a valley.

Either way, the words, rhymes and work feel the need to come out onto the page.

I have never considered myself a poet or especially poetical, however for someone who isn’t a poet I seem to produce a lot of it!

I will be publishing here various bits and pieces of my work; that which I submit to the various literary festivals & competitions that are successfully published will then be posted up on here, with links etc.

Seeking not fame or fortune, just writing for the enjoyment of it and publication so that it can be shared with anyone who is that way inclined!

I shall also be assembling a collection for submission to publishers who may be willing to accept my work for print. I have forty or so candidates around a central or connected theme, many of them need much more work.

I am also speaking to two incredible photographers who may be collaborating with me on a second collection on a different theme over the coming year. Its exciting stuff, to get an idea for a collection and begin the rough drafting of a frame for the project.

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