Cobh Readers & Writers Daily Prompt ~ Day IV

Cobh R&W Prompt Day IV The return of the Buzzard to the skies of Ireland, is occurring and they can be seen now in ever greater numbers. It is a wonderful sight, there are several mating pairs who have carved out territories all around the island of Cobh. In their turn the younger birds, leave... Continue Reading →

Cobh Readers and Writers Daily Prompt Day II

Cobh R&W Daily Prompt II So here is this mornings effort, another #micropoem. Guard of Nature.Quack, spake the Mandarin,And the kindhearted rustled,The paper bag to pull scraps,And crumbs of poppyseeded bread,To share on the tended bank,Of the shapely pond,A guard of nature,Adding each gentle act,As they pause and ponder,To the universes store of karmic credit.... Continue Reading →

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