Cobh Readers & Writers Daily Prompt ~ Day IV

Cobh R&W Prompt Day IV

The return of the Buzzard to the skies of Ireland, is occurring and they can be seen now in ever greater numbers. It is a wonderful sight, there are several mating pairs who have carved out territories all around the island of Cobh. In their turn the younger birds, leave their parents, and push West, seeking dominion over new lands.

I used the daily prompts today to muse on the superb birds of prey, who are helping to make our wild landscape just a little wilder.

Common Buzzard, Clamhán, (Buteo Buteo) ~ Ireland

An Clamhán.
On joyous twirling swirling flight,
An energetic reclamation of the island,
Pushes West into the sunsets,
Heralds, proclaim an Clamhán return,

Guttural & raucous they cry,
Clamouring to retain roosts,
Perches on the edges of broken copses,
Abutting long silent rough ground,

Plump & sleek vermin have rut & run,
Yet freeze in turn to gaze at clouds,
There, by the slow brown water,
Where a long-winged Prince reigns.

By Ruairí de Barra

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