Cobh Readers & Writers Daily Prompt ~ Day III

Cobh R&W Prompt Day III

So today’s prompt took further inspiration from this piece of sea glass which I picked up on a Sunday walk at Youghal, Co. Cork.

Sea Glass.
Who did hurl you that you came to rest,
Lost from your mortar,
At the high tide mark,
Here, were the sea licks Ireland,
As it takes its payment slowly,
Inch by sandy inch.

Like the child on summer days,
Consuming icecream cones,
With deliberation and care,
The restless wild waves motion,
Absorbing carparks & boardwalks,
Stone by stone.

Shaped by decades to pestle,
As if by the gentlest hand,
Of a seafoam sea sprite,
Dreamt up while draining,
Another flowing cup,
Dram by Dram.

By Ruairí de Barra

My Aunt Veronica collects sea glass, I hope that we will have gathered a fair collection for her by the summers end, so that we can send her a present, a little token of family bonds even though separated by the wide Atlantic Ocean, and thousands of miles of Canada.

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