Cobh Readers & Writers Daily Prompt ~ Day VIII

Cobh R&W DailyPrompts ~ DayVIII Demagogue.'Can I have your attention please'My path has no snow or wood to diverge in,'I need all of your attention now'I take the road less travelled by,'Look at me, pay attention to my golden glow'I follow it under the desert moon,'Worship at my altar, full attention over here'Led by Coyotes... Continue Reading →

Guilty Witness

Cobh R&W Daily Prompt ~ VI I hate seeing children in war zones on TV. The innocent suffer without end, no matter where they are, they die and are recorded as collateral damage. It's sick. Guilty Witness.The first victim of War is truth,The last is nearly always a skinny child,Who watches friends die hungry,When the... Continue Reading →

Cobh Readers & Writers Daily Prompt ~ Day V

CobhR&W Daily Prompt ~ Day V Not sure where this came from. A comment on internet trolls & the hateful. Those who offer nothing, yet demand everything. Often demented cowards, who while hiding behind anonymous accounts, have caused outrageous harm. Malign actors, amplifying fear, division & hatred. So maybe this is a modern day curse... Continue Reading →

Cobh Readers and Writers Daily Prompt Day II

Cobh R&W Daily Prompt II So here is this mornings effort, another #micropoem. Guard of Nature.Quack, spake the Mandarin,And the kindhearted rustled,The paper bag to pull scraps,And crumbs of poppyseeded bread,To share on the tended bank,Of the shapely pond,A guard of nature,Adding each gentle act,As they pause and ponder,To the universes store of karmic credit.... Continue Reading →

Cobh Readers and Writers Writing Prompts

In an effort to keep up morale and have some craic via our Cobh Readers and Writers group pages, I created a daily writing prompt post. Just for some fun and engagement with the group and festival followers for the period of the COVID-19 crisis. So the handy random word generator from the internet gave... Continue Reading →

Finding None

Finding None If you put to sea in these boats,most likely you will die,you will never make Italy,you will barely make the news,unless you wash ashore on a tourist beach,spoiling the panorama,with inconvenient truths. The rising tide of the right,creeping into the edges of Europa,still like to wear good looking suits,whipping up headlines,serves them for... Continue Reading →

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