Cobh Readers & Writers Daily Prompt ~ Day VII

COBH R&W Daily Prompts ~ VII

This set of prompts had a lot of stops and starts. Finally created something. I dont often try to have overly rhyming poems, this ones is as about as far as I go really.

In Awe of Love.
What is the texture of a Mother’s love,
But diamond, clear & bright,
A certainty we’re held in awe of,
Throughout lifes strifes & slights.

Its dances lively across the heart,
And is now, as has always been,
Implanted deep at the very start,
Like the strong roofs stiffest beam.

For shelter beneath it all children do,
Enchanting care and endless grace,
And all fears & worries, by the dozens slew,
While held in the gentlest hands so true.

by Ruairí de Barra

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