Cobh Little Library

Little Libraries are about promoting the love of reading in the community. Always free, always available. Bring a book, take a book, yet please never leave collections of books outside!

Cobh’s Little Library

We opened the Cobh’s Little Library on Saturday 2nd of April.

If you stick with us over the next week you’ll discover its new location, and we have a very special local author to kindly unveil it for us.

The inaugural steward of the Little Library shall is Fiona Mellerick.

Fiona says, “Hi, my name is Fiona! I’m currently working as a preschool teacher, and studying primary school teaching at night. I think the little library will be a great addition to Cobh, and I’m really excited to get it started.”

The Little Library Steward will be the special person who will steer this community project forward over the next weeks as we work hard to make this happen!

We will let you all know what happens with that meeting, and we will keep all the wonderful people of Cobh updated here, on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Please follow us via the social media icons, which you can find under our snazzy little logo, over there on the left.

They live in the community and they rely on the community to love and care for them.

At least two more are planned for 2024.

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