Filling the Void: A letter for Amina.

A letter for Amina on it’s way to Armagh Robinson Library (@ArmRLib) to hopefully take part in #fillingthevoid with Maria McManus (@maria_mcmanus) & co.

Another fantastic and innovative project, which it is a real pleasure to have the opportunity to take part in.

As Maria outlines on her page:
‘Through this project, we want to fill the void left after the letters of Archbishop Robinson were burned. We want to create a contemporary epistolary archive written by citizens – especially the citizens of Armagh, but also from all over Northern Ireland, the border area, the island of Ireland, Britain, Europe and the whole world. Everything in a letter tells something – the handwriting, post marks, the subject matter, the demographic and concerns of the writer: the letter is a point in time pen-portrait. We are also interested in receiving correspondence which for some reason has personal significance to the donor.

We want letters, preferably hand-written, from people of all ages and ethnicities, from anywhere in the world, on any topic they wish to record. Then we will include it in our exhibition and archive in the beautiful Armagh RobinsonLibrary for posterity.

If you wrote the letter you wanted to write, to whom would you write it?
What would you write about? A letter to your childhood home, the parent you’ve lost, your old lover, those pesky politicians, your heroine/ hero, the generations yet to come, the child in your arms, or in your womb, your idol, the lost, the prodigal, the fictional, the historical?
Who would be the object of your letter? We live in such uncertain and turbulent times. What do you have to say about climate, Brexit, the border, the grudge, the past, the lost opportunity, the gratitude, the quotidian, the chance you ought to take, regret, courage, agency and activism, finding a quiet place, peace…what is the ‘thing’ you can write about in a letter, but just can’t say any other way?
Is yours letter to the masses, or to just one person? To your older self? Your younger self? Your braver self – something for the record.’

Letters from anyone, about anything are welcome. To be included in the first exhibition of these letters, please post your letter to us, to arrive by 25thNovember 2019.

Filling the Void – Letters Project

Splendid. Liberal. Lofty

C/O Armagh RobinsonLibrary

43 Abbey Street


BT61 7DY

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