Bard of the Isles.

‘Under the Mountain’ is the working title of adventure book. Its genre could be best assigned to High Fantasy.

I completely forgot to up date this page in December with my very good news. I was successful in getting Chapter One of this book published.

I am very glad to say that I didn’t forget all my manners, and I did thank everyone at Bard of the Isles at the time online, but no harm in saying thank you again!

The chapter title is ‘Cheaters Never Prosper’.

It introduce a young man called Lucas Miller, and it opens in a classic setting for Fantasy, in an Inn.

Something has gone wrong, very wrong…

I cannot thank them enough, all the British and Irish Writing Community editorial team, who produce this fantastic magazine, for including me in there!

I am so delighted to get share the beginning of Lucas’s story with everyone.

You can find Chapter One at the link directly below.

And you can find the Bard of the Isles via this link.

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