Making a Living Podcast

I had the great pleasure to take part in the Making a Living Podcast with Brendan Fitzgerald.

On Brendan’s own YouTube channel you’ll find this information:

“MAKING A LIVING WITH BRENDAN FITZGERALD”, THE PREMISE – Choosing the right path for our future is never easy and the more insights we can gain from people who have already taken a given path the better informed we will be. Please join me as I meet with people from a variety of professions and industries as as they reflect on their career choices, what led them down a certain path and what they love (and don´t love!) about what they do. I hope that these conversations can provide some guidance to young people who are considering what to do after school, those studying in University, early career starters, or to those who are considering a change in career. I am aiming to post at least one conversation per week. Note: This is a personal passion project aimed at giving young people in particular insights into different career paths. It does not relate to my professional role.

Lt. Cdr Niamh Ni Fhatharta and I took part via video link. The topics covered include an overview of the Irish Naval Service, differing career opportunities within the Service, education opportunities, modes of entry, entry requirements, skill set required to enter the Service, skills both technical and soft that are attained within 12-18 months, what to expect once in the Service and much much more.

We also discuss our personal experiences in the Irish Navy, what we enjoy about our roles and also the challenges that we have faced. If you know anyone who is mulling over their first or next career step, please pass on!



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