Big Red. Goodreads Review.


What’s the old saying in customer service. “If we please you tell everybody, if we don’t tell us.”

I am writing and working flat out at the moment, so I have to squeeze reading in where I can. I picked up a copy of the book by Damien Larkin just last week, for my Kindle app on my phone.

Really enjoyed it and left the following goodreads review below.

“Want to read a truly unique Military Science Fiction story?

Then look no further than ‘Big Red’. Damien Larkin has created a gripping and terrifying world. Where nothing is as it seems, and the truth is buried deep. Only the toughest and bravest will be able to find it.

From cover to cover, there is action and surprise. There is loss, heart ache and twists. There is the gritty reality of military life, and unflattering look at the beasts that can be made to stir in the hearts of man.

DL has carefully put together a BIG plot, which would be mind bending at the best of times. Yet he has delivered it all in a page turning package. There is nothing better than reading a story that sucks you in, kicks you firmly in the unmentionables, and then really deliveries. A story that leaves you totally satisfied, yet wanting more!

I can barely describe more in this review without the delivery of some form of spolier. So I’d best leave it here.

You need to read this book. You deserve it.

We have always been there.”

You can purchase your own copy here

You can check out Damiens website here

I expect the next installment is also going to be a cracking read!

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