‘While Nobody is Watching’ Goodreads Review.

I was delighted to able to write this review of Cobh author Michelle Dunnes new book for An Cosantóir recently.

Michell is an Irish Defence Forces and United Nations Peacekeeping Veteran. I had the absolute pleasure and privilege of being a Beta reading for this cracking story.

‘While Nobody Is Watching’ is the third book from Michelle Dunne and the first of her Lindsay Ryan series. This fast-paced thriller has its foundations in a gritty reality, and it deals with some hard subjects exceptional well. It weaves action and drama into a thriller with its gripping plot.

Drawing strongly on her service in the Defence Forces, and on her overseas experiences with the United Nations peacekeeping forces in Lebanon, Dunne really has created a heroine of great strength and character.

A story with twists and turns makes for a real page-turner. It does what every great thriller does, leaves you very satisfied but fancying a little more. Be warned this is no techno-babble weapons manual, or flag-waving macho military escapade.

This is a real-world, with real people and real problems.

A story where PTSD is the price paid by those who come home, having seen the face of war and the ultimate price is paid by those who don’t come home at all.

Make sure you pick up a copy, and like me you’ll be an instant fan of Lindsay Ryan. I cannot wait for the next book in this great series to arrive on the shelves!


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