Black Bough Poetry Micro-Poems

The Milky Way over the Fungus Rock, Gozo (Blue)
Gilbert Vancell.

I’ll tear a sheet of starlight for your blanket,
a burnished cloth of gold to ward off fears,
there beneath bright Apollo, you’ll greet the morning,
curled inside your mother’s wounded feet,
eyes defiant shimmering flakes of jet,
burn away the fog of my appearance,
from deep within that ragged bundle,
a jolting tearful journey in the moonlight,
brought you here as if cast from heavens net.

Ruairí de Barra


Diamond Dreams
I took a seat at the planet rise of Mars,
sat patiently with the Lady in her chair,
waiting for the wavetop dancing beams to gather,
to watch with weary eyes in wonder,
the reflection of their beauty come to earth,
bold captured stars floating on dark waters,
tossed aside here and crushed there,
steaming pass Derna ever onward,
where tracer fire ripped and rockets flared,
beneath shifting diamond dreams of night.

Ruairí de Barra

These poems were kindly published by Black Bough Poetry. Their website says that they publish micro-poems from across the world and that only the most compressed, the most pristine, the most vivid, make the cut.

So I am very proud and thankful that Editor Matthew Smith saw fit to include my work in the company of some truly wonderful poets and writers.

Defiance was published in Black Bough Poetry Issue 2: Lux Aeterna.
You can find it here.

Diamond Dreams was published in Black Bough Poetry Issue 3: Yoke.
You can find it here.

You can find their great website here

The photographs are those of the wonderfully talented Gilbert Vancell.

A4 Framed Poem

If you would like to purchase an A4 framed copy of these three poems, then just hit the button below. Please indicate your choice of poem and frame in the description box. Frames are available in Black, White, Grey, Gold or Natural.


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